25 Years Experience in Rubber

German Technology


Subtor manufactures specialized rubber products for oil and gas, infrastructure, and construction applications. Our products are also used in rescue and disaster operations. In addition, we offer trenchless repair systems for sewage canals and piping.

Our S-Flex brand of inflatable and expandable products is highly flexible and durable. All S-Flex products are customizable and also offered in standard sizes. All our products are developed and designed with German technology.

Customers in 23 countries around the globe trust in our products. With a production capacity of over 40,000 sets a year, and the widest range of products in the business, we are one of the leaders in the industry.

We have an excellent reputation as an OEM for service companies. Our skilled team is pleased to fulfill special requirements for our customers. We routinely manufacture small lot sizes for special applications and of customized products.

In addition to having great expertise in dealing with rubber, we enjoy strong support from our textile engineering partners for manufacturing reliable, super-strong inner layers for our entire range of products.

Whatever you’re looking for, our product range can satisfy your demand.

  • Headquarter:
    Subtor GmbH
    Gewerbegebiet Salzhub 9
    D-83737 Irschenberg, Germany

  • +49 8031 8873 804
  • +49 8031 8873 805